Welcome to Cat Cottage!

First of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Bobbi Arbore and I draw.

All the time.

And, naturally, I love cats. Actually, I love all animals and I've been volunteering for animal welfare associations for a long, long time. I live with six indoor cats, seven outdoor cats, and two dogs. All rescued. 

And yes, Cat Cottage really exists.

It is a small, old house lost in the countryside near Lake Garda, Italy, and It's my house. I named it Cat Cottage because after my arriving it soon became a popular spot to dump unwanted cats. Those poor kitties had no idea of how lucky they became in the moment they were dumped in my garden, where somebody was ready to take care of them and find them good families, when possible.

As I said, I draw everything. I went to fashion design school and worked in fashion and retail for a while, but I also loved interior design. When I got hired by a big interior design company, I left my hometown Milan and came here, where the job was. 

Unfortunately by common sense, but very fortunately in my opinion, the firm closed down after nine years. I was 40, single, on rent, and I had to find a job quickly. But the economic crisis was rising fastly and firms were closing down every minute. The fastest way to find a job was to create one.

So Cat Cottage Design was born. As a brick and mortar shop first, an Etsy shop second, and then, when I decided to quit both, as my own online store.


I decided to create something where I could combine my love for drawing, my passion for cats and animals in general, and the constant inspiration that I get from the countryside where I live.

All the illustrations you find here are my very own. I love bold colors and quirky subjects. My mission is to create something that can make people smile and share my passion for cats with them.

Being this shop a one women show, it was quite impossible to manage also the printing and the shipping by myself, so I searched for services that could offer great quality and great prints, and I think I found them. These companies are in charge of all the printing and the shipping on the products I selected to sell, lifting a lot of weight from my shoulders. 

Also, having had a handmade shop for years and loving everything made by hand, I am constantly searching for artisans that can supply great items, in order to widen the products I can offer. 

I tend to avoid Chinese import if there are other options, even if more pricey, as I prefer quality over quantity. 

I hope you'll find something you like for you and for all the cat lovers you know, and please, feel free to contact me for any request or suggestion!

Welcome to Cat Cottage Design! 

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