The accidental Cat Dad

Paris Zarcilla, is absolutely one of the best things on Twitter, for me.

One day Paris, a London based writer and director, found a cat under his bed. Nothing strange you'll say, if only that...he didn't have a cat!

And not only. The cat he found had given birth to four kittens.

He posted the tweet above and his Twitter literally exploded. 

The post went viral and he gained hundreds of followers in a blink. Through his constant updates, they all witnessed his growing love for the cats and how his life gradually changed for the better.

We all know what a soft furball can do to someone's life. Imagine what five can do, especially when four are tiny kittens!

Cats, or animals in general, have the quality of putting everything into perspective. What is important, really? By watching a cat's life the answer is pretty clear: the important things are good food, a soft place to sleep, someone to love and to play with, sunbaths. The only important moment in a pet's life is now, the only important place is here. They make the best of what they've got, always.

When you watch a cat's life your own one changes because you have a living reminder of what is really necessary to have a good life. 

From his tweets, Paris expressed this exact feeling and he began to call himself a cat dad. An accidental cat dad!

But maybe someone was searching for this mama cat! Paris went around the neighborhood with flyers in search of the mama cat's possible owner. He got several responses for missing cats, but no one was a match.

And he was happy of this...because, at this point, he already wanted to keep all five of them.

But maybe the cat was microchipped. Maybe a vet could find her owner.

She wasn't microchipped! So officially no one's cat and Paris could keep her and all four kittens. Naturally, the babies were growing and needed stuff, vaccines and vet visits, so Twitter fans suggested to open a Gofund me campaign and an Amazon wishlist. The response was...this. In Paris own words, his life changed forever since finding mama cat and the kittens under his bed, and so he decided to call the mom Forever. He wrote that it's cheesy but true since she changed his life forever. I say it's only true. Cheesy does never apply to cat's names.

The other names he chose are wonderful as well.

Personally, I can relate so much about how Paris' life changed. I always lived with cats as family members, but it was only as an adult when I found out how they are not just fluffy beings, but actual masters at living life. Watching my cats chilling, playing and sunbathing has seen me through some rough time because they really have the power to calm you, if you dare to stop a second and look at them. I always say that instead of stopping to smell the flowers, I always stop to look at cats.

And they lived happily ever after...reading Paris' tweets these past months has been like reading a fairytale so this would be a very appropriate phrase to end this post. But I will just say to treat yourself by following Paris on Twitter to read about Forever and her kids' future adventures!

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